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Firepower 422
Available shellsAP: Armor-Piercing shell.
HEAT: High Explosive Anti-Tank shell.
HE: High Explosive shell
Average lethality (HP)Average damage per shell. When penetrating armor, the actual damage will randomly float (±15%) around the average damage 610/550/820
Armor Penetration (mm)The armor thickness that a shell can penetrate when affected by normalization. The actual penetration will randomly float (±15%) around the average penetration. The actual penetration of AP/APCR shells decreases as the flight distance increases 248/300/86
Muzzle velocity (m/sec)Velocity of the shell at the moment it leaves the muzzle 800/800/800
Load time (sec)Time required to reload after shooting 14.5
Average damage per minute (HP)Uses standard shells. The amount of damage caused to enemy tanks within 1 min if all shells penetrate 2524
Dispersion (m)All shells fall within this radius from 100 m away 0.43
Aiming time (sec)Time it takes for the aiming circle to shrink by 67% 2.9
Gun rotation speed (deg/sec)Maximus rotation speed of the gun per sec in the firing area 25
Pitch angle (deg)Maximum angle the gun can reach relative to the horizontal position -6/18
Defense 218
Hull armor (mm)Armor thickness of the thickest part of the front/side/rear part of the hull 90/90/60
Total HP (HP)Maximum HP of the tank. Replacing a more advanced turret can slightly increase HP 1400
Chance of fire upon receiving hitChance of catching fire when the engine is damaged 12%
Maneuverability 338
Engine power (hp)Maximum power of the engine 550
Weight (t)Total weight of tank 45.4
Thrust-to-weight ratio (hp/t)The power of the engine divided by the total weight of the vehicle determines the acceleration performance of the tank 12.11
Maximum forward speed (km/h)The maximum forward speed the tank can maintain on a road 37
Maximum reverse speed (km/h)The maximum reverse speed the tank can maintain on a road 12
Turning speed (deg/sec)The maximum traverse speed of the tank 32
Off-road performanceThe maneuverability of the tank on mud, sand, snow, and grass. The higher the parameter, the better off-road performance 87%
Wading performanceThe maneuverability of the tank in marshes and shallow water areas. The higher the parameter, the better wading performance 60%
Scouting 285
Max View Range (m)Vehicle's maximum spotting range. Increase to make it easier to spot enemies within 450 m 350
Signal distance (m)Radio communication distance. When the distance between two ally tanks is less than the sum of their commincation distance, they can see each other and report to each other about enemies they find 550
Stationary ConcealmentConcealment of a stationary vehicle. The higher the value, the harder it is to spot 19.91%
Traverse ConcealmentConcealment of a moving vehicle. The higher the value, the harder it is to spot 11.95%


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